In the late 1980’s Todd Gensheimer found himself working for a manufacturer’s rep firm that was soon to fall on hard times. With a virtual absentee ownership, the only positive component of the company was a colleague, Richard Stein. Stein becomes the mentor to Gensheimer, and a friendship was born. By 1990 that manufacturer’s rep firm, was on the total brink of failure. One of its clients, Jay Plastics, led by Rick Taylor, was not being well-served. Taylor terminated the relationship and encouraged Stein and Gensheimer to start their own business development company, rather than just a manufacturer’s rep firm.

With Stein’s experience and wisdom and Gensheimer’s youthful energy and enthusiasm and with Rick Taylor as their first client, Jay Plastic Sales was formed. By 1995, the name changed to JP Sales Company. Taylor continued to grow and diversify his business and it became Jay Industries of which Jay Plastics was an integral part. Subsequently Jay Plastics was sold to Nanogate and Taylor retained the position of CEO of Jay Industries and became the CEO of Nanogate.

The relationship amongst the three men and the entrepreneurial spirit continues to this day as they assume the position of strategic advisors to the company, while the next generation has made its mark and is positioned to lead the future.